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Chemical Properties
Zirconia (ZrO2) 62%min
Silica (SiO2) 32%
Physical Properties
Temperature Range Up-to 1900˚C max.
Dry Density 3.30 gm/cc
Thermal Expansion 1% from 0˚C to 1900˚C
Volume Shrinkage 0.25% max.
K Value 0.43 Kcal Units @ 500˚C
Electrical Property Good Insulator after drying
Emissivity 0.58
Thermal Shocks Excellent Resistance since coating

Becomes pyroplastic above 200˚C-250˚C

* Data represent typical average properties and do not constitute a specification.



Refractory Coating Compound

Refracoat a special refractory coating material specially meant for protection of linings-Fire Bricks, Monolithic, Castables, Ceramic Blankets and Shells in Furnaces, Boilers and various high temperature vessels.

Main Application:

  • Reduces the effect of Thermal shock and to eliminate surface cracking phenomena, protects Refractories against aggressive effects of fuel oil, Gases and solid fuels.
  • Provides Gas tight surface and reduces energy losses.
  • Reduces slag adhesion.
  • Increase in working life of Furnace
  • Reduces cost of maintenance shutdown.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.

Protection to Refractory linings

  • Fire Bricks
  • Castables
  • Ramming Masses
  • Ceramic Blanket & Modules
  • Plastics and Steel Shells in variety of Furnaces
  • Boilers and High Temperature Vessels

Refracoat - Z mixed with clean tap water to form a smooth paste. Add required water to adjust the consistency of the mix to suit Brushing, Trowelling or Spray applications.

50Kgs. in air tight drums

The coating must be allowed to air dry for a minimum of 12 hours.

Raise firing temperature as slowly and evenly as possible typically at 25˚C per hour until 125˚C is reached. Thereafter for Refracoat - Z, the furnace may be heated to its working temperature as usual.