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About Us

Refractory Shapes Ltd.

Refractory Shapes Ltd. Since 1973 is renowned for its Quality and Reliability. The Company produces Special Shapes, Custom made Refractory shapes & Ceramic Balls of Low & Medium purity of top quality with superior performance. The company has a fully equipped plant and is situated in Pune, India, 170 kms. from Mumbai with latest equipments to produce Refractory Shapes and Castables of highest standards. However, its most important asset is the skill of workmen, acquired over three decades of manufacture. Refractory aggregates from carefully selected and processed raw material are also produced at the plant. This gives the company an edge over other Refractory manufacturers. Strict procedures are scrupulously followed to ensure quality. A sophisticated laboratory with facilities to carry out chemical analysis and physical. test, monitors quality at every stage of manufacturing from raw material to finished products.This has enabled standardization and selecting quality system under ISO 9001 in December, 1998.

Our full-fledged in house lab has been approved by NABL as per ISO 17025. We are also fully equipped to test all parameters of Refractories namely Physical, Chemical & Thermal Properties as per IS & ASTM Standards.

In 2021 Refractory Shapes Commissioned an additional plant (expansion unit) at Wankaner, Gujarat. The manufacturing unit is spread across 10 acres of land. The plant is well equipped with latest production technologies and full fledged testing laboratory for testing all parameters (Chemical, Physical & Thermal Properties) of Refractories including High Pressure Shock Test (Rapid Depressurization test) as per UOP standards.

Refractory Shapes Ltd is a pioneer in manufacturing Dome Bricks, Hexagonal Tiles, Circle Bricks, Alumina Lumps of High Purity for Fertilizer Industries and Specialized design PCPF Blocks for Burner Ports in Steel Industries. We have our inhouse design team to manufacture our refractories as per Licensor/clients drawings & requirements. We have a very strong track record of performance for making excellent quality import equivalent refractories which includes Burner blocks, Bricks, Castables, etc for various industries.

Skilled Workforce:

While cutting-edge equipment is essential, Refractory Shapes recognizes that its most vital asset is its skilled workforce. Over the course of five decades, the company's artisans and craftsmen have honed their expertise, ensuring that each refractory shape crafted is a testament to their dedication and proficiency.

Raw Material Excellence:

One of the key factors that sets Refractory Shapes Ltd. apart is its meticulous selection and processing of raw materials. The company produces refractory aggregates from carefully chosen materials, giving it a competitive edge over other manufacturers. This attention to detail ensures that the raw materials used in each product are of the highest quality.

Quality Assurance:

Quality is a cornerstone of Refractory Shapes Ltd.'s operations. The company follows stringent quality control procedures, leaving no room for compromise. Every Product is rigorously inspected to ensure it meets or exceeds the highest industry standards. Our in house laboratory has been approved by NABL (ILAC-MRA).

Custom Craftsmanship:

Refractory Shapes Ltd. is known for its ability to produce custom-made refractory shapes, tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients. This personalized approach allows businesses in various industries to benefit from refractory products that precisely match their requirements.

Diverse Industry Applications:

Refractory Shapes Ltd.'s products find applications in a diverse range of industries, including steel, cement, glass, petrochemicals, and more. The company's refractories are engineered to endure the harsh conditions of these industries, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and extended equipment life.


With a rich history of quality, craftsmanship, and personalized service, Refractory Shapes Ltd. stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of refractory solutions. For businesses seeking top-quality, custom-made refractory

Quality Excellence

We believe our long-term success depends on our ability to deliver excellence in both perceived and realized value of our products and services to our customers. In our culture, "Quality in everything we do" is the only acceptable behaviour. We recognize that quality is a never ending process of improvement and our focus is directed towards achieving and exceeding customer expectations and conformance to their changing requirements.

Our Philosophy

Achieved by commitment of the Management of Refractory Shapes in providing quality Products & Services and timely delivery to our customers by optimum utilization of resources.

Work with us

We have a team of Refractory Experts, Engineers, Supervisors with decades of experience in manufacturing custom made special shaped Refractories. Majority of our shapes are very intricate and very often have thin sections or curved profiles. However, odd geometry does not affect our quality assurance as we have standardized quality assurance plan to ensure that the results are consistently achieved irrespective of Special Shapes.

Our success is based on being able to respond to every refractory requirement with immediate inspection, analysis of the problem, engineering of a solution and providing the required products in the least amount of time.

Global Presence
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