Science and technology is the quality wellhead. Responsibility is the quality guarantee.

  • Quality Excellence

    We believe our long-term success depends on our ability to deliver excellence in both perceived and realized value of our products and services to our customers. In our culture, "Quality in everything we do" is the only acceptable behaviour. We recognize that quality is a never ending process of improvement and our focus is directed towards achieving and exceeding customer expectations and conformance to their changing requirements.

  • Our Philosophy

    Achieved by Commitment of the Management of Windsor Refractories in providing quality Products and services and timely delivery to our customers by optimum utilization of resources.

  • Work with us

    We have a team of Refractory Experts, Engineers, Supervisors with over a decade of experience in site study, designing and installing of refractories and have carried out various works in India and abroad. Besides we have a pool of skilled masons, carpenters and experienced work force. We assist our customers at all stages right from choosing the right material, installing them as per standard procedures including curing and heat dry out operations.

    Our success is based on being able to respond to every refractory requirement with immediate inspection, analysis of the problem, engineering of a solution and providing the required products in the least amount of time. We are also available at any time to supervise and assist in the proper installation and heat-up of our products.

  • Global Presence
    - Kuwait
    - Sharjah
    - Muscat
    - Qatar
    - Saudi Arabia
    - Dubai
    - Oman
    - Bahrain
    - Nepal
    - Bangladesh
    - Netherlands
    - Germany
    - Cyprus
    - Egypt
    - Ghana
    - Nigeria
    - Zambia
    - South Africa
    - Iraq
    - Netherland
    - Australia
    - Venezuala
    - USA
    - Columbia
    - Belgium